Cystoid macular oedema/edema (CME)


Reduced vision, distorted or shadowy vision.


Following any eye surgery, diabetic retinopathy, CRVO’s, uveitis, Retinitis Pigmentosa, Retinal vasculitis, ARMD, heriditary and drugs.


Most cases resolve spontaneously by about 6 months. Treatment is directed to the underlying cause. Withdrawl of the drug which may have caused the CME (specially in case of epinephrine, dipivefrin, or latanoprost, and medicatins containing nicotinic acid (the later is used in high doses in hypercholesterolemia)). NSAIDs in the form of topical drops, acetazolamide (in post-operative patients, retinitis pigmentosa and uveitis).

Some authors recommend use of topical, systemic and local injectable steroids. However the utility is highly debatable.

LASER intervention may be needed in some cases, especially when neovascular membranes develop.